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Ben Lawrence is a fully qualified & insured professional Arborist & the owner of South Coast Tree Services in Adelaide . With extensive knowledge of trees and great customer service skills Ben is popular with customers and has a growing client base. Ben is passionate about his work and  personally manages every job to ensure a professional and expert finish.


South Coast Tree Services are able to provide:

Dead Wooding & Tree Pruning - Services for tree life, safety and shape

Removal of Trees & Palms - We can remove trees efficiently,even in the smallest spaces

Crown & Canopy Thinning -  Increase light and reduce wind resistance

Directional, Formative and Vista Pruning - Types of pruning to make the tree

structurally sound or take advantage of a view 

Crown Shaping and Pollarding - Selective cutting to reduce height or width of tree

Garden Overhaul, Hedge trimming & Gutter Cleaning - We can provide a neat clean up or an extensive overhaul

Ben has worked on trees across Europe, New Zealand and Australia and has featured in the media for his work in Sweden.

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